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Top 10 Rules for Back-to-School Success

Special thanks to John Bishop of Goal Setting for for contributing this entry to our Blog.

These ten life skills will help your children develop a YES! Count On Me attitude that you can use in the classroom and in life. Good luck!

1. Use the "YES! Count On Me" words: yes, I can, and I will.

2. To get ahead in school and in life - read more, learn more, do more.

3. Learn how to set and achieve goals and how to use these principles in the classroom.

4. No Vision = No Direction. Write down what you want to accomplish in the first four weeks of the school year. Repeat for the next month.

5. Don't find a fault; find a solution.

6. Minimizing the Bummer Words - no, can't, won't, never, maybe, and if. These six words will hold you back from reaching your full potential.

7. Eliminating excuses.

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Olympic Math

Today I'm sharing with you a great site reviewed by Clickschooling. Thank-you Diane for your permission to post this here for our math lovers. Check out her site for an archive of other site reviews for homeschooling or afterschooling.

Recommended Website: Scotto's Place: Fun With Olympics

Age Range: 6-10 (approximately)

This website is provided by Scott Weberg, a Christian homeschool dad who works in software development. He and his wife homeschool their four children. He creates resources for them to use, and posts them to his website to help other homeschoolers. He has developed a Summer Olympics curriculum that you can access for free.

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Summer Math & Family Travel Math

Did you know that your children could lose one to three months' worth of learning during the summer? Math skills do not need to be lost during the summer. Opportunities to practice math are everywhere and can easily be made a part of so many activities we do. They can be fun activities like card games, cooking, gardening, building, crafts, shopping - talk about fractions as you cut up a watermelon, double a recipe, measure the area for your new garden. You can even find math watching the Tour de France – it has become such a science.

Here are eight great ways to keep up those skills!

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Summer Math Contest

Crazy 4 Math Contest Deadline August 15th

Crazy 4 Math Contest The Crazy 4 Math Contest is once again receiving entries from all over the world, showing that mathematics, the universal language, is enjoyed by children everywhere.

This annual contest was founded in 2005 to help students keep up their math skills over the summer. Research indicates that children lose math skills over the summer. But this does not need to be the case. Math skills can actually advance! Summer is the perfect time for children to experience the wonder of learning by exploring and developing new interests. It's also a chance for them to discover that learning happens all the time, not just in school.

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Mother's Day Math & Free Gifts

Mothers just love when their kids do math!
Here are some Mother's Day math activities to make any mom proud.

    1. A dozen Mother's Day roses cost $15.60. How much is each rose?
    2. Bake your mom a Mother's Day cake. Make the measuring a challenge: half the recipe and then triple it!
    3. Call your grandma to tell her much you love her. If you talk for 20 minutes at 5 cents a minute, how much does the call cost?

How many ways can you line up these kids?

Mother's Day Kids

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Gas Price Math

We might as well make the best out of the soaring gas prices by using this opportunity to get in some extra math lessons.

Maria Miller, author of the Math Mammoth Series posted a discussion on creating word problems from data from some graphs she found - a line graph comparing it to the past and a world-wide comparison.

Earth Day Math


April 22nd is Earth Day!

There are many opportunities to integrate math into your outdoor activities during your Earth Day Celebrations.
In addition to doing your regular math outdoors and working on outdoor math problems, you can also find mathematical patterns hidden in nature.

Look for patterns in nature such as Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, symmetry and fractals in leaves, snowflakes, shells, pinecones, flowers and insects.

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Sustainability Thinking for Children

Sustainability Is a Way of Thinking and Living

To me, sustainability implies a way of thinking and living. I have tried to teach my children and students that our dear planet Earth is a closed system and that everything is inter-related. Healthy natural cycles are essential to the well being of this system. I want them to understand their part in the system, to care for the planet and others and to feel empowered that they can make a difference.

I've posted a new article How to Help Children Become Sustainability Thinkers for the Future.

Definitions of Sustainability for Children...and from Children!


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More Pi Anyone? Videos

New Pi Videos Have Been Added!

Video Playing Pi on the Piano

Pi Video by Zap!

Other Pi Videos

Don't forget our other pi resources:

Pi Day Article - Plan Your Celebration

Pi Day Section -a complete list of pi resources and ways to celebrate Pi Day.

How to Memorize Pi

We've added a new section How to Memorize Pi.

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